The X-PROTINT ® has been developed with the Asian market in mind; ready to accompany you to the level of growth you aspire. Expect dramatic increase in speed, Fast & Fluid reliability, clever operator and serviceability solutions with future-proof technology; ready for the future with VOC-free colorants.

Increase of speed

With the X-PROTINT, waiting times during peak hours are history. The bigger pump, together with the bi-directional
and faster turntable, make the X-PROTINT nearly twice as fast as the TM and the X-SMART.

Reliable steel structure

The robust, steel-armoured construction keeps cables and electronics safe in the sometimes very harsh environment conditions, protecting the machine against dust, power spikes, rodents and even flooding up to 40 cm.

Clever operator solutions

To maximize your workspace, the X-PROTINT is very compact and user-friendly. Your operator will love the
low refilling height, front-side operation and easy brush cleaning, not to mention the sturdy, flat top that doubles perfectly as a handy working table.

Future-proof technology

With colorant legislation rapidly changing, the X-PROTINT has been made future-proof. The new and improved canister lid and patented canister stirrer – together with the proven X-SMART piston pump design – ensure your colorants won’t dry out and guarantee consistent colorant quality.

Future-proof engineering

It often starts with a simple insight. To capture and combine trends, we share knowledge with our tinting partners, customers and suppliers. This allows us to sync our development processes leading to future-proof solutions.


  • 16 canisters (12*2.3 l + 4*4.6 l)
  • Piston pump technology
  • Flow rate 0.5 l/min
  • Bi-directional turntable
  • Airtight nozzle closure & tubeless design
  • No calibration needed
  • Elegant & robust
  • Front refilling
  • Easy can shelf
  • Universal and water based colorants
  • Solvent optional
  • HWD 123x82x87cm

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