Maestro® is the brain behind the reliability and consistency of our technology. Easily expandable and customized, it offers unlimited application fields and can be integrated with all leading management applications.

Based in Turin, Italy, our cutting-edge R&D department is dedicated to developing our innovative, efficient and user-
friendly software – Maestro®. Available in over 30 languages, our software can operate anything from small  compact units to complex industrial systems.

As your business evolves, you rely increasingly on tools that provide connectivity to corporate resources and the Internet, as well as to your colleagues and business partners. That means you need tools that are familiar and  easy-to-use – which is why our proprietary Maestro® software has been carefully designed to evolve with your business.


Our on-line version, MaestrOn-line® enables our clients to access all relevant data files anywhere, anytime. This makes it an indispensable tool for multinational companies wishing to manage various locations from a single hub

Personalization Service

Our software specialists thrive on challenge, and can create
software from scratch to fulfill your special needs.

Key Features and Benefits of Maestro® Software
Inkmaker's Maestro® software enables you to:

  • Manage your users, factories, formulae and work orders
    instantly, easily and by remote
  • View stock information at a glance
  • Generate reports on production statistics on demand
  • Dispense parameters with automatic adjustment
  • View graphic components stock display
  • Manage traceability
  • Manage raw material and formulations
    • Password protected multi-user accessibility
    • Stock auditing and batch cost evaluation
    • Over 100 reports for KPI assessment
    • Optimized recycle-management
    • Spectrophotometer connections
    • ISO compliance traceability
    • Production planning
    • Inventory control
    • VOC reporting

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