The Blendorama Series II is the perfect solution for tinting requirements where ease of use and accuracy are major concerns.

We offer 2 models, each available in a range of configurations designed to complement the requirements of various sized operations: 23BM - Easy to use dispenser for paint and home decorating retail stores, and 53BM - General model for larger stores.

We have the 23 BM and 53BM available with:

quarter shot (1/4) - double Pump
eighth shot (1/8) - double pump (1/48th systems only)

Modular Design
The Blendorama Series II manual dispensers have been designed to allow the easy conversion from bench model to floor model and vice versa.

Easy to use
The Blendorama Series II manual dispensers require no special skills for use. Gauges are set using our unique lock in gauge system and a simple pump action is used to dispense. The turntable design allows rotation in either direction and features a new, ergonomically designed detent lever, which locks the turntable into position or can be set to allow free rotation of the turntable.

Easy to maintain
Designed with Teflon (or equivalent) piston seals, the Blendorama Series II manual dispenser is robust, reliable and easy to clean.

Special Features

  1. Unique lock in gauges that provide exceptional repeatability.
  2. Adjustable twin timer allows adjustment of stirring time, and stirring interval.
  3. Special non-wearing spring loaded valves which are virtually drip free due to a built in sniff back piston. 
  4. Heavy duty, high capacity components including stainless steel piston pump with Teflon (or equivalent) piston seals.
  5. Floor model features upper and lower foldout shelf with the upper shelf having adjustable height.
  6. Side entry service door allows easy access to all electrical components.
  7. New "quick fit" canisters with self locating agitator cranks reduce machine setup time 
  8. Removable metric nozzles with size identification for customizing performance based on colorant properties
  9. Ergonomically designed valve levers for improved operator comfort
  10. 100% acetal canisters are standard
  11. 110/230/240V - 50/60hz 


Accurate, reliable, easy to use and low maintenance

Number of canisters Up to 24
Canister size 1.75 litres
Inner Pump Inner Pump 1/4 oz (8ml) - XD/XE only
Outer Pump Outer PUmp 2 oz (50ml) - XC/XD/XE
Minimum Dispense Minimum Dispense 1/384 floz - XE
Number of Canisters 12 16 24
Nett Weight (in kgs):      
Bench 43 51 64
Floor 63 71 84
Packed weight (in kgs):      
Bench 60 70 85
Floor 85 95 110
Dimensions (HxWxD):      
Bench 71x73x73 71x81x81 71x98x98
Floor 132x73x73 132x81x81 132x98x98
3.5L canisters available 3.5L canisters available
Power 110V - 50/60hz
  230/240V - 50/60hz


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