GA450 & GA450 EEX

Galileo GA450 __ power, speed and safety combined in one paint mixer. The quality of the machine has remained our top priority, but it’s also very quick and has been designed with special focus on ease of use and safety.

Power and Safety
The GA450 is a robust mixer that can handle large and heavy cans (up to 40 kg!). The fully extractable can plate is textured with a diamond structure enabling perfect grip. This feature makes it possible to mix oval cans as well as tandard cans and can mix multiple cans at the same time.

All six mixing stages have been speeded up. The process of clamping, accelerating, decelerating, homing and unclamping is now considerably faster compared to other mixers on the market: a 50% reduction in time! And the machine always mixes at the right speed thanks to can height detection. Varying from 230 for the small to 110 rpm for the big cans and buckets. This has been made possible by new and improved electronics.

User-friendly/Easy Service
The GA450 is user-friendly and easily accesible. The clamp plates (m2; 38 cm) can be released when the door is opened. The control panel has three pre-set times that are easily adjustable so the mixing time can be adapted to your needs. The machine is easily serviceable thanks to:
• bonnet top cover for easy access
• back panel is removable with a triangle key (one screw only)
• replaceable rubber pad.
• Splash guards.

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